Attending South Summit 2016

Attending South Summit 2016

Posted by Laura Samso | 06/12/2016 | AI, Blog, enterpreneur, Futurism

5 -7 October 2016 – Madrid (Spain)

Wow … It was the first time I attended this type of event and really vibrated! It was the 3rd edition and they already had 12,000+ attendees from over 100 countries including almost 7,000 entrepreneurs, and 100+ corporate partners, of high quality networking, discussions, debates, keynotes, coffees, bocatas, & live music.

I strongly recommend trying the experience, it is really worthwhile, you can listen to top innovators all over the world, meet new

There were key speakers such the following, but there were many more …


More informations:

So, Aren’t you curious? 😉

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