Posted by Laura Samso | 17 December 2016

A Responsive Space A definition that I like to use is the one that O. Brown and P. Eremenko [Ref. 1] provide in his work “Fractionated Space Architectures: A Vision for Responsive Space”: A responsive space is the capability of space systems to respond rapidly to uncertainty. Apart from responsiveness needs, complexity in missions is...

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Posted by Laura Samso | 06 December 2016

5 -7 October 2016 – Madrid (Spain) Wow … It was the first time I attended this type of event and really vibrated! It was the 3rd edition and they already had 12,000+ attendees from over 100 countries including almost 7,000 entrepreneurs, and 100+ corporate partners, of high quality networking, discussions, debates, keynotes, coffees, bocatas, &…

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Posted by Laura Samso | 27 February 2016

So a High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) platform in the stratosphere, nothing new itself but recently in the eye of the storm in terms of capabilities, performances and interactions with other current systems such satellites, manned aircrafts and RPAS. Are they foe or fiend? There will be opinions for all but I think they can…

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