XPONENTIAL 2016 convened the brightest minds and best ideas in the unmanned systems ecosystem – from corporate and startup to defense and civil – for four days under one roof. Centurion Technologies Consulting LLC presented a conference the 5th May (infos here). Mr. Jim Atkinson, co-author of the paper presented too.

Thank you to my mentor I widened my views on different things and I advanced. My first AUVSI event was in 2012, in Las Vegas, where I presented a conference dealing with Natural Disasters: A Future view in the use of RPAS. It was amazing …  After  4 years presenting conferences in AUVSI I must say it is an excellent place to meet your next business partner and to get the last updates in all areas of

I landed in New Orleans the 30rd April evening, and when I arrived to my hotel, the Monteleone Hotel, I knew it would be a different experience! I was in the French Cartier, oh là là! Famous Bourbon Street was just next to the corner, I just needed to cross the street, but I visited it almost the last days. Saturday night I met Jim in order to prepare a little bit our conference and we went for a walk headed to Jackson Square, to Cafe du Monde.

On Sunday, early in the morning, I got breakfast in Cafe Beignet, a friend recommended me this place for the coffee and for the ‘beignets’ and yes!, you were right 😉

Monday morning I met with Ingrid, CEO of CTC, and we went to the initial Educational sessions (Fig. 5 and 6) and finally to the conclude the day, we assisted to the Welcome reception (Fig.4) that took place at the same conference center, Mr. Bryan Wynne, the President of AUVSI, welcomed all of the attendants (Fig. 1). He introduced Mr. Miles O’Brien (Fig.3), the journalist who managed each day the general sessions. He presented Mr. John Chambers (Fig.2), Executive Chairman Cisco Systems, who delivered an inspirational talk about the future and the success and failure. The next speaker, was Mr. Gur Kimchi (Fig.3), co-founder and vice president of Prime Air (Amazon) who explained their plans about the UTM and delivery of packages.

Every year it is different, you meet with partners, friends, new companies, you know new products, etc … it is an excellent place for the unmanned world.

XPONENTIAL and other events I have been attending in US, they offer to the attendant different ribbons that he/she can add to his/her badge. Each ribbon shows a topic interest then, you can approach another person interested in the same topic that you and start sharing experiences.

The Exposition (Fig. 9,10,11) opened on Tuesday, several companies exposed their products and services. It is so huge that you need a couple of days fully dedicated to visit each booth if you want to go home with all the flavor of the event. I also attended some conferences during the day.

Mr. Michael Huerta, FAA administrator, was the invited speaker during the Wednesday general session (Fig. 12). He updated us on the FAA plans and their intention in putting more effort in RPAS education,which is good, because we need to spread aviation culture and let society accept those systems.

At 11:30h we delivered our conference: Adding Complexity to Sense and Avoid: Economic Feasibility, Autonomy and Cybersecurity. In the evening, we attended the ‘classical’ XPONENTIAL party, The Mix, where we could network with some more people.

Thursday general session was composed by congressman Frank LoBiondo, Dr. John Cavolowsky, Frank Kelley and Marke Gibson (Fig.13 and 14), an interesting panel discussing about the future of unmanned systems.

Wednesday after lunch it took place an innovative session: Women In Robotics. We had the opportunity to meet them and listen to their experiences and advices. I really liked to meet you all!

Dyan Gibbens, Trumbull Unmanned, Gretchen West, Hogan Lovells, Marina Saettone, UAS Pilot, Robbie Hood, NOAA, Joanna Simon, Morrison & Forester LLP, Alyssa Simpson, IBM Watson Vision, Heather Harris, MTSI, Josephine Driscoll, MATTERNET,  Dr. Barbara Lindauer, Lockheed Martin, Sabrina Saunders-Hodge, FAA, Lia Reich, PrecisionHawk.

Time went by very quick … To finish my stay I went to a recommend restaurant … The Court of Two Sisters …


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